Hosting type Change

What is the difference between On-premise and Cloud?

When registering a WABA with 360dialog, there are 2 different hosting options: On-premise API (hosted by 360dialog) and Cloud API (hosted by Meta).

Constraints of Cloud API Numbers per WABA

When a Cloud API number is present within the same WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), the webhook will receive events for both numbers concurrently. We are working on a feature to eliminate this condition.
If your WABA has multiple numbers, we highly recommend postponing any migration until this upcoming feature is officially released in the following weeks.

Migration Process

To migrate a WABA from a 360dialog On-Premise to Cloud API, please refer to our instructions below:

Preparation Checklist

Before migrating a number, it's important to go ensure the following:
  1. 1.
    The number is conected and registered under a On-premise hosting
    Confirm that the WhatsApp Business API account is connected and registered under On-premise hosting type.
  2. 2.
    Access to 360dialog Hub
    The process is handled in the 360dialog Hub. You must either be a Direct Client with 360dialog or have a Partner with Cloud API enabled.

Number migration process

In the 360dialog Client Hub > Details page for any number, there is a property Hosting Platform Type.
From there, you can launch the Cloud migration assistant.
Your request will be processed. You either wait for it to be done or close the pop-up. You will receive a notification in your Notification Center whenever the migration is completed.
After the number is migrated, the Hosting Platform Type will appear as below:
Hosting Platftom Type after Cloud API migration
The migration time process per WABA takes ~3 min. When it is finished, you must re-set your Webhook URL and start messaging through the Cloud API.