Use of WhatsApp API
The document explains how to access the WhatsApp Business API.
Feel free to get a free Test Account which will allow you to start developing directly.
The WhatsApp API supports all endpoints from WhatsApp docs, except for the ones blacklisted below. Additionally we enable you to set your base path.
Base Path will be provided when requesting your API Key.
Within the response you need to use the URL from the address variable.
Blacklisted paths:

Basic Facebook endpoints

Do not call this endpoint more than once every 5 minutes, as the health status is cached and refreshed only every 5 minutes.
In High Availability mode, only one Coreapp maintains a connection to the WhatsApp server. All other nodes (including the Primary Master) have a gateway_status of disconnected
In Multiconnect mode with X shards, X Coreapps maintain a connection to the WhatsApp server. The Primary Master also connects to the WhatsApp server.
To learn more about High Availability/Multiconnect mode, please refer to Facebooks Availability and Scaling guide.

Additional 360dialog endpoints

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