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Here you find information, best practices, and guidance about our WhatsApp Business API solution.

WhatsApp Business API vs WhatsApp APP

Unlike the WhatsApp consumer app and the WhatsApp business app, the WhatsApp Business API is a programming language interface that allows connection at scale, which is awesome and will elevate your business!
However, the WhatsApp Business API does not have a frontend user interface (UI), so, if your business does not count on one yet, messages exchanged through the API cannot be viewed.
But, there’s nothing to worry about if this is the case! 😉
If you need a solution to respond to messages, please contact your Software Integration Partner about it OR submit this form and we will make a recommendation.


One of the fastest-growing providers globally, 360dialog is verified by Meta and specializes in WhatsApp Business API Access and hosting.

Test API

You can try out the 360dialog API at any time for free! 😎Message us for a free Test API Key to start testing the messaging service instantly.

WABA documentation

Explanations for the use of the WhatsApp Business API (to send and receive messages and notifications).

Account Setup

Learn how to setup your WhatsApp Business API account.

Account Management

Using the 360 Client Hub, you will be able to manage and track all your WhatsApp Business Account information including activation status updates, namespaces, phone numbers and API Keys.
We recommend reading the summary of the onboarding process in our API reference first.

360 Partner Hub & API

Using the 360 Partner Hub, you will be able to track all your clients' WhatsApp Business Account information including activation status updates, and phone numbers.