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Use of WhatsApp API
The document explains how to access the WhatsApp Business API.
Get a free Sandbox Key (Test API Key) which will allow you to start exploring and developing your integration immediately. No signup in necessary - simply follow the link below:
As an official business solution providers (BSP), we host the WhatsApp Business API. You can access and use the API by calling the endpoints provided. The WhatsApp Business API uses a REST API Architecture with JSON data formats. The API follows the standard HTTP request-response exchange.
Our WhatsApp API supports all endpoints described here except for the black list below:
Reference - WhatsApp Business Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers
Facebook for Developers

You will receive your Base Path when you complete number registration via Embedded Signup.
Example: https://waba.360dialog.io

For security reasons you will not be able to access any of the below endpoints. If you need to access any of the below resources, please create a support ticket and, depending on the nature of the request, we will provide some options for you.

Make a GET call to this node to retrieve the status of your WhatsApp Business API client.
Please do not call this endpoint more than once every 5 minutes, as the health status is cached and refreshed only every 5 minutes. If your phone number is disconnected | uninitialized or unregistered - create a ticket with our Support Team and we will assist you to get the number reconnected.
In High Availability mode, only one Coreapp maintains a connection to the WhatsApp server. All other nodes (including the Primary Master) have a gateway_status of disconnected In Multiconnect mode with X shards, X Coreapps maintain a connection to the WhatsApp server. The Primary Master also connects to the WhatsApp server.
To learn more about High Availability/Multiconnect mode, please refer to Facebooks Availability and Scaling guide.
Check Phone Number
Make a GET call to this endpoint to verify the number that is associated with an API Key.
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