Use of WhatsApp API

The document explains how to access the WhatsApp Business API.
Get a free Sandbox Key (Test API Key) which will allow you to start exploring and developing your integration immediately. No signup in necessary - simply follow the link below:
As an official business solution providers (BSP), we host the WhatsApp Business API. You can access and use the API by calling the endpoints provided. The WhatsApp Business API uses a REST API Architecture with JSON data formats. The API follows the standard HTTP request-response exchange.
Our WhatsApp API supports all endpoints described here except for the black list below:

Base Path

You will receive your Base Path when you complete number registration via Embedded Signup.

Blacklisted Endpoints

For security reasons you will not be able to access any of the below endpoints. If you need to access any of the below resources, please create a support ticket and, depending on the nature of the request, we will provide some options for you.

Additional Endpoints

Make a GET call to this node to retrieve the status of your WhatsApp Business API client.
Please do not call this endpoint more than once every 5 minutes, as the health status is cached and refreshed only every 5 minutes. If your phone number is disconnected | uninitialized or unregistered - create a ticket with our Support Team and we will assist you to get the number reconnected.
In High Availability mode, only one Coreapp maintains a connection to the WhatsApp server. All other nodes (including the Primary Master) have a gateway_status of disconnected In Multiconnect mode with X shards, X Coreapps maintain a connection to the WhatsApp server. The Primary Master also connects to the WhatsApp server.
To learn more about High Availability/Multiconnect mode, please refer to Facebooks Availability and Scaling guide.
Check Phone Number
Make a GET call to this endpoint to verify the number that is associated with an API Key.