Phone Number Migration Guide

Migration path from a WhatsApp for Business app to the WhatsApp for Business API

WhatsApp offers a migration path from the WhatsApp for Business App to the WhatsApp for Business API.

Be mindful of the fact that there is no way back to the Whatsapp Business App following an upgrade. Your former WhatsApp Business App can not be used afterwards.

WhatsApp for Business -> WhatsApp for Business API

First of you need to get your display name approved. Submit the phone number to us. You can find instructions on the submission process here. It is required to WhatsApp for Business account associated with that phone number. While you are migrating your number all incoming messages will be queued by WhatsApp servers and delivered after a successful migration.

From here there is no way back; existing chats (history) cannot be imported once the number has been upgraded to the Whatsapp API. Your former WhatsApp Business app can not be used afterwards.

You must now complete number registration as described here.

Any more questions?

Can I use a phone number that is already on WhatsApp?

If that phone number has not been used on WhatsApp Business API, you can use that phone number. Follow the migration steps outlined here to reuse that phone number.

Will I lose data?

Deleting the WhatsApp account on your Android or iPhone will cause any incoming messages to be queued by the WhatsApp servers and then subsequently delivered upon successful registration.

Can I import my backup using the WhatsApp for Business API?

There is currently no option to import previous conversations.

Can I migrate my number from another Business Solution Provider (BSP)?

No. At present, number migration from a BSP to another BSP is NOT possible.

Will the migration effect Official Business Account approval?

Official Business Account approval is only available for selected WhatsApp for Business API clients. It's not affected by the migration. Once the number has been upgraded to the WhatsApp for Business API it is possible to apply for the OBA status.