Help and Support

Our customer support team is available to assist your with your WhatsApp API related issues.
If you have an issue with Meta Business Manager access, please contact Meta Support directly.

Support Channels

We have two channels for support: Ticket Support and Chat Support

🎫 Ticket Support

  • Navigation Bar > Support > Create new Ticket
How to access Ticket Support

💬 Chat Support

For Customers on our Regular and Premium plans, you will have access to Chat Support.
Chat Support

Best Practices

  • Include complete information and context when creating a ticket or starting a chat
    • Description about the problem
    • Screenshot or screen recording
    • API request made (if applicable)
    • API response received (if applicable)
    • Timestamp
  • Clearly state the impact of the issue when creating a ticket or chat.
  • Utilize the status page to check if there is an ongoing incident.

Don't Do's

  • Please do not create both a ticket and chat for the same issue. Depending on the type of issue, you should create a ticket or chat.
  • Please do not create multiple tickets or multiple chats for the same issue. You should create 1 ticket or chat per issue.
  • When possible, please create 1 ticket or chat per issue. If you bundle requests into 1 ticket or chat, it will usually take longer to resolve.