Meta Support

For specific Meta related topics, you will have to contact Meta Support directly.

We will support issues relating to the WhatsApp Business API. For Meta related topics, including Meta Business Manager and Meta access issues, you must contact Meta Direct Support.

Direct Support is a private support channel that connects businesses with specific support teams at Facebook for specific business products and services including, but not limited to, Facebook Business Partners, Facebook platform and Instant Articles. Not all users will have access to Direct Support.

For security reasons we do not support Meta Business Manager access issues or recovery. If you have lost access to your Meta Business manager account, you must contact Meta Support to regain access to your account.

Meta Business Manager issues

If you are having issues related to Meta Business Manager, please contact Meta Direct Support.

If you are blocked or locked out of your Meta Account

Please follow this process.

If your Account, Page, or Meta Business Manager Account has Advertising Restrictions

Please follow this process.

If your personal Facebook account is Disabled

Please follow this process.

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