Best practices for Number Porting
Best practices to port numbers to 360dialog
Before going through this best practices guide, please carefully read the Number Porting process. The present in the process will be referenced here.

Make sure the number is working

Number Porting does not require for a number to be offline. The only requirement is to disable 2FA, which should be done while maintaining the account working normally.
To ensure you have enough time to troubleshoot if any errors occur, make sure that the number is working normally (sending and receiving messages).

Double check settings before porting the number

Many partners choose to schedule meetings with customers to go through the process together. This is a good practice, but can generate frustration in case of any errors.
To double check all of the settings before finalizing the number porting, you can go through the whole process and just leave the final part (enter 6 digit PIN code and generate API key) for when the number needs to be ported.
This will help minimize errors and avoid urgency when something happens.

Planning delicate migrations

Numbers with high volume of messages

Before porting numbers with high volume of messages, it's important to:
  • Consider if the volume of messages will require a high availability or multiconnect stack. Please reach out to your main point of contact for more information.
  • Double check settings before porting the number
  • Schedule the migration for a low traffic time, but inside our support team's opening hours
If you are migrating an account with high volume of messages or a high number of accounts, we can help ensure everything goes smoothly. Please contact your Account Manager.