Signup step by step

The Embedded Signup flow is the fastest and easiest way to create a WhatsApp Business account and register a number.

How to start the account creation

If you don't have a 360dialog Client Hub account

It's important that this Meta account has admin access to the Meta Business Manager that will manage this WhatsApp account.

To create a new account, use an Embedded Signup entry point such as an Integration Partner or our signup page. The first page of the form will create a 360dialog Client Hub account for you.

If you already have a 360dialog Client Hub account


To get a WhatsApp Business API Access, you will need the following:

Valid phone number

This phone number must be able to receive and verify a 6 Digit PIN Code through SMS or Voice Call.

If this number has an IVR system enabled, the IVR needs to be temporarily disabled during the registration process.

Meta Business Manager with complete Business Info

You can create a new Meta Business Account or connect to an existing one during the Embedded Signup process. Please choose your Business Manager carefully, since it can't be changed after the number is registered. It is mandatory that the Business Manager is owned by the Business who is sending messages. Adding users who do not belong to this company can cause your Business Manager to be blocked.

You must add your information in the Business Info section of Business Manager Settings. You need to include a legal name, an address, a website, and the business phone number you intend to use for messaging.

Check your website

This information is used by WhatsApp team to ensure compliance with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. If it's not completely filled, the account will be immediately blocked.

Therefore, the website must:

  • be provided

  • be working

  • be secured with SSL

  • have a clear explanation of the company's business model

Account creation process

Complete the Embedded Signup Flow

Important: do not keep the Embedded Signup pop-up open for more than 1 hour, otherwise the session will expire. Please ensure that you have all the prerequisites ready before starting.

WhatsApp Commerce Policy review

WhatsApp will review your WhatsApp Account to ensure it is compliant with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. Be sure to examine the policy closely to make sure you are Business compliant.

This review will happen in the background, after the account is already live.

If the account is not approved on the WhatsApp Commerce Policy it will be immediately blocked. The business is able to appeal this decision by creating a support ticket. You can also downgrade to WhatsApp Business App; you can find info regarding this process here.

Generate API Key or Grant Permission

When the Embedded Signup is completed, we will deploy the WhatsApp Business API Client. After deployment you will have the option to either generate an API KEY or you will need to grant your Integration Partner permission to access the number.

In the 360dialog Hub, Partner permissions can be managed in the menu bar in the top of the Hub > Partner > Partner Permissions

Messaging and Phone Number Limits

After completing the number registration processes, the business will immediately be able to:

  • Respond to unlimited customer-initiated conversations (24-hour messaging windows)

  • Send business-initiated conversations to 250 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period

  • Register up to two (2) phone numbers, which can both be assigned to 1 WABA or split between 2 WABAs

How to increase limits: Complete Business Verification

Businesses can initiate Business Verification when they are ready to:

  • Scale business-initiated conversations

  • Add additional phone numbers

  • Request to become an Official Business Account

And by scaling business-initiated conversations we mean using the Standard Access tier, which gives access to:

  • Currently available messaging limits (1K, 10K, 100K, unlimited unique customers/day)

  • More than 2 phone numbers

  • An Official Business Account (OBA) - Any business that requires an OBA must complete Business Verification

Display Name review

After Business Verification is finished, WhatsApp will also approve your company's Display Name.

Display Name Guidelines are very strict, and names will often get rejected for small details or minor discrepancies between the name and the Meta Business, website, or social media. To avoid this, make sure you thoroughly review Meta's guidelines.


Billing begins as soon as the WhatsApp Business API Client is deployed. This happens immediately after the successful completion of the Embedded Signup flow.

Billing start is not dependent on number registration. In certain situations, your number may not be registered when the WhatsApp Business API Client is deployed. If this happens, you must register the number manually via the 360dialog Hub.

Incorrect data

If you make a mistake with the Embedded Signup Onboarding Process such as:

- Number added to the wrong WABA - WABA added to the wrong FB Account - Account added but no Payment Method set

If you let us know within 14 days of registering the number - we will correct the mistake for you.

Number Formats

While registering your number on a WhatsApp Business API account, you need to make sure it is correctly formatted according to international guidelines.

All numbers that can receive international calls or SMS can be registered in WhatsApp.

Formatting for Brazilian numbers

The account can be registered with fixed, mobile and 0800 numbers.

Landlines and mobile numbers

To register landlines and mobile numbers, the format needs to be exactly like how the number is registered with Anatel.

New numbers will have the extra 9 already registered. Old ones probably won't. Please check the number registration before moving forward.

Old number: 55 (ddd) phone number

example: 551187654321

New number: 55 (ddd) 9 phone number

example: 5511987654321

0800 numbers

To register 0800 numbers, the format needs to be:

55 phone number

example: 558001234567

The number shouldn't contain the first 0.

National numbers

Brazilian National numbers (3003, 4004) without the area code are not able to receive international calls, so they cannot be registered.

To be activated in the WhatsApp Business API, the number with the area code (DDD) will need to be registered with Anatel.

Important: after you register a national number with a specific area code, it will not work with another area code, meaning that it will lose the national status by being registered in one state.

55 (ddd) phone number

example: 551130031234

IVR enabled numbers

If you want to use a WhatsApp phone number that is connected to an IVR system, you/your client must configure the phone number to receive WhatsApp phone verification code. The WhatsApp verification code can only be sent via voice or sms voice The WhatsApp number will receive an English-speaking automated message with a 6-digit pin code. sms (only supported for mobile phone numbers or number which can receive text messages) The WhatsApp number will receive a message with a 6-digit pin code.

VOICE and SMS are the only types of registration available for WhatsApp API. The phone number must be able to receive a call or sms from an international number. There is no workaround for this. For more information please see the Official WhatsApp Documentation.

Solution 1 - Registration number whitelist/redirect

We will provide you with two sender IDs (usually US +1 or UK +44 numbers). The registration call will arrive on one of these sender IDs. You must use this information to create a whitelist or redirect for those numbers — so that once the call comes in, it is redirected to an employee or mailbox or receiver where the registration code will be captured.

To get your IVR sender IDs you must contact our Support Team and Request IVR Number.

Solution 2 - Temporarily disable IVR

We can give a 15-minute time window during which the registration call will be triggered. If you or your client have the option to temporarily disable the IVR system, then the registration call can be received directly on the WhatsApp number provided.

Number Registration Troubleshooting

Throughout the Embedded Signing up you may face some errors that might interrupt the process. Here we will show you some topics you should keep in mind, especially if you are signing up for extra phone numbers beside the ones you already have.

When I cannot trigger the code to the phone number OR I get an error

If you have a WhatsApp App or WhatsApp Business App registered to the number, you will get an error on Registration.

The solution for this issue is to fully delete the account that still is associated with the App.

Uninstalling the app from a device is not sufficient, any previous WhatsApp account must be fully deleted.

To delete your account

  1. Open WhatsApp.

  2. Tap More options > Settings > Account > Delete my account.

  3. Enter your phone number in full international format and tap DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

  4. Select a reason for why you're deleting your account in the dropdown.


For more information on how to delete your account, please follow this guide.

How to check if a number is linked to WhatsApp

You can test to see if a WhatsApp number is linked to an active non-enterprise account (app). Simply send a test message to the number in question. If the number is Sent (1 tick) or Delivered (2 ticks) it means that there is still a non-enterprise account (app) linked.

When I trigger the code I do not get an error, nor an sms/call

A possible reason for you not to get the sms/call nor the error message can be the use of IVR in which case IVR enabled numbers (registration) documentation reading is suggested.

Registration timeout

Meta does not permit multiple registration attempts in quick succession. Please allow a 2 min timeout between registration attempts. After 3 successive registration attempts, Meta will initiate a 2 hour timeout period.

Basic troubleshooting

Before opening a ticket with our Support team, go through this checklist:

  1. Check Business Manager Not verified Business Managers can only have up to 2 phone numbers. So, guarantee that the correct Business Manager is ready to get the correct amount of allowed phone numbers.

  2. Still not working Close the browser window and try it again, that might resolve the issue.

  3. Stuck on a screen Get a screenshot of the problem you are having.

  4. Open a ticket for our Support Team! Through the button "Create a new Ticket" on the 360dialog Client Hub, open a ticket explaining the issue and attach the screenshot you have. This level of detail will save the time of investigation, thus, improve the time of response.

If your account was disconnected after signup

If you went through signup and did not complete the Business Info section of the Business Manager in full, your account will be automatically disconnected after WhatsApp Commerce Policy check.

If your number was disconnected after signup, please check the Business Info section of your Business Manager. If any piece of information is missing (especially the website), you will need to fill it and then Request a Review from Meta.

You can request a review yourself from Meta Business Manager > Account Quality. You do not need to contact 360dialog to do this.

The Account Quality page is in the URL

Common Errors

You can see here Meta's guidelines and a complete table of errors, its descriptions, and solutions.

Ongoing number registration issues

360dialog is not responsible for issues relating to number registration. It is the responsibility of the phone number owner to make sure that there is no non-enterprise account (active or inactive) linked to the number at the time of registration to the WhatsApp Business API.

The 360dialog support team also has the right to refuse number registration troubleshooting for numbers that have failed multiple registration attempts.

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