Facebook and WhatsApp Accounts structure
This documentation explains the different Facebook and WhatsApp accounts available and which ones do you need for a WhatsApp Business API account‌
Every WhatsApp Business API account is associated to a few other instances that can be managed either through the Facebook Business Manager or the 360 Client Hub.

Facebook Business Manager account

A Facebook Business Manager account is needed for any business to manage their assets in the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram environment.
A Business Manager account can be created through the URL business.facebook.com or during the Embedded Signup process.
It is recommended that:
  • Users check with all stakeholders if a Business Manager does not exist for the company before creating a new one to avoid duplication.
  • Users associate all Facebook Pages, Instagram Pages and Ads Accounts to this same Business Manager to avoid loss of information.
Each Facebook Business Manager has a specific ID.
A single Facebook Business Manager can contain multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts.
You can also share a WhatsApp Business Account with multiple Facebook Business Managers, but only one can own the account.
To have full access to the WhatsApp Business API environment, without message sending limits, the Facebook Business Manager needs to be verified. Read more about Facebook Business Verification here.

How to find the Facebook Business Manager ID

The Facebook Business Manager ID (also called Facebook ID, FB ID, Business Manager ID or Business ID) identifies a specific Facebook Business Manager Account.
To discover what is your Business Manager's ID, please go to your Business Manager's settings, and then to the Business Info page:

How do I know if this Facebook Business Manager ID owns my WhatsApp Business API Account?

If you can see a WhatsApp Account in your Business Manager, this doesn't necessarily mean that it owns the account.
To make sure which Business Manager owns a specific WhatsApp Account, you need to access the WhatsApp Accounts page:
Please note that the ID that appears on the side of the "Owned by" information is not the Business Manager ID. This is the WABA ID, which will be explained in the next topic.

What if I can't see my WhatsApp Business API account in the WhatsApp Accounts page in the Business Manager?

This means that this Business Manager does not own the account. In this case, you will need to reach out to your BSP and request the Facebook Business Manager ID that owns this WhatsApp Business API account.

Can I use the URL to identify the Facebook Business Manager ID that owns a WhatsApp account?

No. When using the Facebook Business Manager, you will always see a Business ID in the URL. This ID represents the Business Manager that you are using, not the Business Manager that owns a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Business Account

The WhatsApp Business Account (also known as WABA) manages the phone numbers registered in the WhatsApp Business environment. There are two different WABA types:
Each WABA has its own ID.
You will create a WhatsApp Business API account when you submit a 360dialog signup form. If you already have a 360 Client Hub account you can submit multiple phone numbers to a same WABA by following these steps.

How to find the WhatsApp Business Account ID

The WhatsApp Business Account ID (or WABA ID) is shown in the WhatsApp Accounts page:

Phone Number

A Phone Number always needs to be associated to a WhatsApp Account so this accounts can send and receive messages.
For WhatsApp Business API accounts, this number needs to be registered and verified during the signup process with the BSP. If you already have a 360 Client Hub account you can submit multiple phone numbers to a same WABA by following these steps.
A single WABA can contain up to 25 different phone numbers. This limit can be expanded to 120 numbers on request. Within your company, you may have separate WABAs for different divisions. You can have unlimited WABAs under a business manager.

How to manage phone numbers

If you created your account via Embedded Signup, you can see the phone numbers that are registered under a specific WhatsApp Account directly from your Business Manager:
In this page, you will be able to see the status of this number.
To add a new phone number in a WhatsApp Business API account, please do not use the Facebook Business Manager. This setup will not work. A new WhatsApp Business API number should always be added from the 360 Client Hub dashboard.
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