360 Partner Hub Functions
Using the 360 Partner Hub, you will be able to track all your clients' WhatsApp Business Account information including activation status updates and phone numbers.

1. Getting Access to the 360 Partner Hub

After becoming a 360dialog Partner, you will be added to the 360 Partner Hub and will receive an email invite asking you to create a new password for your newly created account. Click on Create Password and follow the instructions.
Access email to 360 Partner Hub

2. Navigating the 360 Partner Hub

Tracking your clients' WhatsApp Business Accounts

This is the home screen of the 360 Partner Hub. Here you will be able to track all of your clients' accounts.

Accessing information about each number for your account

Each number connected to your account can be seen in a folder like this:
By clicking on
(on the top right corner) you will get an overall view of the complete status of the account:
Like this, you can access and review more information about the account and number, like:
  • Timezone ID
  • WABA Account External ID
  • Namespace
  • IVR and Number Registration Preference
  • WABA Channel External ID
  • Consent Status
For questions about the definition of different account statuses, check our Account Statuses page.

3. Adding users to the 360 Partner Hub

If you would like to add more users (coworkers) to the 360 Partner Hub, you can do so by following these steps:
In the 360 Partner Hub:
1. Click on Users 2. Click on the "+ Add user" Button in blue 3. Add the name and email of the new user 4. Click on "Save". 5. The user you have added will receive an email invite to the 360 Partner Hub.
The user you have added will then receive an invitation to the 360 Partner Hub and be able to login using his own email and credentials.

4. Download Client Data

The 360 Partner Hub allows you to download a CSV file with data pertaining to all accounts connected to you. In the CSV you will find the following information on your clients:
  • Company legal name
  • WhatsApp number
  • Contact email
  • Account activation statuses:
    • Message on behalf
    • Facebook business verification
    • Number registration
You will find the download button on the top right corner of the WhatsApp Accounts Page.

5. Request Payment Revocation

Payment Revocation allows you to stop payment for a number that belong to a particular Client. When you, as a Partner, request payment revocation, you will no longer be billed for that account after the Termination Date (calculated according to the Terms in your Partner contract). If you wish to revoke payment for the WhatsApp Business API for any of the numbers linked to your Partner Account, please follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Log into the 360 Partner Hub
  2. 2.
    Click on WhatsApp Accounts in the navigation bar
  3. 3.
    Click on Show details for the client you would like to request payment revocation for
  4. 4.
    At the bottom of the page in the Danger Zone section click Request revocation
  5. 5.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to request revocation
When you request Payment Revocation, the WhatsApp Number will remain visible in the Partner Hub for a period of time up until and after the Termination Date. The Client (owner of the number) will be informed that you have revoked Payment For the number.

6. Partner Cobranding of the Submission Form

Every 360dialog partner gets a custom WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) submission form. You can personalize this form by adding your Company Logo and Brand name. All cobranding information can be changed in the Profile tab in the 360 Partner Hub.
Cobranding in the WABA Submission Form

7. Deeplink URL

In the Profile tab, you can include a deep link URL. If this value is set, clients will have the option to click a button after they created their API key, which re-direct them back to the your application (to the URL destination you have set) where they can paste the API Key.

8. Accessing your signup form links

All form links for account creation or migration are available in your 360 Partner Hub, when clicking in the Share signup form button that is available in the top right corner of the page:
Accounts submitted through these forms will always be linked to your 360 Partner Hub.
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