Payment management

Your payment type and subscription prices can change depending on your solution partner. If you are not sure what is your payment type, please file a support ticket to request more information.

Partner payment

Some partners choose to pay for their client's WhatsApp Business API accounts, which allows them to offer more flexibility, like combined prices and payment in local currencies or methods.
If you pay for your WhatsApp Business API account to your solution partner, this is your payment type.

Direct payment

If you submitted your credit card info when creating or porting your WhatsApp Business API account, this means that 360dialog charges you for the subscription and WhatsApp fees. This is the direct payment type.
The first step is to submit the credit card information, which is requested in the signup or number porting forms.
If the credit card is set up correctly, the signup process continues.
If there is an issue with the card, there will be another prompt to enter a valid credit card right after the signup page.
If no valid payment is detected, the account will not be created.

Add or update payment method

If you are directly billed by 360dialog, you can add or update your payment method (card) from the Profile section of your account. Just go to: Profile > Billing options
You will be redirected to our Billing Panel with URL
There, you will be able to review your current plan and billing history as well as add a payment method and update your billing address.

When will we bill you?

As soon as the account is created, we will start billing. The first charge is a pro-rata of your monthly subscription fee, based on the days until the end of the month.
You will be charged twice every month: one fee regarding your subscription and another regarding the WhatsApp fees. See more information about the fees here.

What will we bill you for?

You will pay for the license fee (fixed monthly amount) and conversation fees. You will need to add a balance to your Insights & Billing page to start messaging.
Every conversation will be automatically deducted from this balance. The balance is not used to pay for the license fee, only for the conversations. The license fee is always separately charged once a month.

Account blocked by lack of payment

Our system will attempt to charge the registered credit card multiple times through 30 days. After 30 days without payment, the account is automatically blocked.
To unblock the account, you need to register a new credit card in your 360 Client Hub account and file a support ticket requesting reactivation. The account will be reactivated in up to 24 business hours after the ticket is filed and payment is confirmed.