Enabling Signals and Measurement

360dialog Signals and Measurement is a comprehensive solution that empowers you to enhance your marketing strategies with WhatsApp and Click-to-WhatsApp (CTWA) Ads, to track ROI & ROAS, and fully leverage WhatsApp's power in Performance Marketing use cases.


To start using 360dialog Signals, make sure to adhere to the following requisites:
  • Access to the 360dialog Client Hub: Use your Client credentials to access the 360dialog Hub.
  • Number Status: The number status should be Live.
  • Account Setup: The process should be handled by the account owner with administrative rights for both the Meta Ads Manager.

Getting Started

Step 1. Access the 360dialog Client Hub

Login into the 360dialog Client Hub using your client credentials.

Step 2. Click on "Signals" Button

Select the Number you wish to enable Signals from your Numbers List. Click on the indicated button to launch the feature access page.

Step 2. Enable Signals for the Account

After clicking the button, if it is the first attempt, you will need to provide formal approval to enable tracking and measurement through the page.
This process should be handled by the account owner with administrative rights for both the WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) and Facebook Business Ads Manager.

Step 3. Give access to your Ads Account

There are two actions required in this onboarding process.
  1. 1.
    Log in with your Facebook Profile (must be an admin in the Ad Account)
  1. 2.
    Attach your Facebook Business Ad Account
  • Select Page you would like to permit 360dialog Ads & Measurement to access.
  • Choose the Ad Account you want to track
  • Confirm the permission

Step 4. Access Signals Dashboard

After proceeding, you will be redirected to the initial page of Signals. You can access the Dashboard or Ads Page.

Ads Page

360dialog Ads Page demonstration after Tracked Events are configured
By default, the system will automatically track and measure:
Session Start events (Once lead sends the first message to business)
Engagement events (Once lead sends the second message to business)
All Button Clicks
All List Clicks
If you wish, you can also configure specific ad tracking and additional event tracking based on keywords. Here's how:

Track Events

Configure the text-based trackable event you wish to track incoming events from the respective ads.


Once the keywords events have been tracked, you can access its insights by clicking on the "Signals" button.
If you can click on "Manage" to view and export all leads or phone numbers that have interacted with the Ad. See gif below:

Create a New Ad Campaign

With our Signals Tool, you have the convenience of creating Click-to-WhatsApp (CTWA) Ads directly. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Select "Create New Ad Campaign" within the Signals Tool.
  2. 2.
    Set up your campaign according to your objectives and target audience.
You can also create Ad Campaigns in the Facebook Business Manager. Please refer to our instructions here.


Navigate to the Ads Dashboard section by clicking on the "Dashboard" option in the top-right menu. There, you'll discover valuable insights, including impressions, cost per campaign, conversions, lead count, and more.
This comprehensive overview empowers you to assess the overall performance of your campaign, make informed decisions, and fine-tune your strategies with data-driven precision.
Please consider reaching out to our support team for guidance and assistance while setting up your Signals account. We are dedicated to the ongoing enhancement and development of this powerful tool, with a dedication to delivering valuable features. We have high expectations and look forward to collaborating to leverage its full potential.