Migration from Business App to Business API

Migration from the WhatsApp App or Business App => WhatsApp Business Platform
3 different types of Account

WhatsApp App -> WhatsApp Business Platform

Before registering a number for the WhatsApp Business Platform any existing WhatsApp Account consumer app or small business app) must be completely deleted. The process to fully delete a WhatsApp account can be found here:
Existing chats (chat history) cannot be imported from the WhatsApp App -> WhatsApp Business Platform.


Will I lose my chat history?

Chats cannot be imported from the WhatsApp App to the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Can I import my backup using the WhatsApp Business Platform?

There is currently no option to import previous conversations.

Can I migrate my number from another Business Solution Provider (BSP)?

Yes. You can now migrate phone numbers between WABAs and BSPs. Please check out our migration guide for more information.