Number formats

Quick guide on how to make sure you are registering your WhatsApp Business API number in the correct format
While registering your number on a WhatsApp Business API account, you need to make sure it is correctly formatted according to international guidelines.
All numbers that can receive international calls or SMS can be registered in WhatsApp.

Formatting for Brazilian numbers

The account can be registered with fixed, mobile and 0800 numbers.

Landlines and mobile numbers

To register landlines and mobile numbers, the format needs to be exactly like how the number is registered with Anatel.
New numbers will have the extra 9 already registered. Old ones probably won't. Please check the number registration before moving forward.
Old number: 55 (ddd) phone number
example: 551187654321
New number: 55 (ddd) 9 phone number
example: 5511987654321

0800 numbers

To register 0800 numbers, the format needs to be:
55 phone number
example: 558001234567
The number shouldn't contain the first 0.

National numbers

Brazilian National numbers (3003, 4004) without the area code are not able to receive international calls, so they cannot be registered.
To be activated in the WhatsApp Business API, the number with the area code (DDD) will need to be registered with Anatel.
Important: after you register a national number with a specific area code, it will not work with another area code, meaning that it will lose the national status by being registered in one state.
55 (ddd) phone number
example: 551130031234