IVR enabled numbers (registration)

Is your WhatsApp number connected to an IVR (Interactive voice response) system? See our below guide on how to navigate it.
If you want to use a WhatsApp phone number that is connected to an IVR system, you/your client must configure the phone number to receive WhatsApp phone verification code. The WhatsApp verification code can only be sent via voice or sms voice The WhatsApp number will receive an English-speaking automated message with a 6-digit pin code. sms (only supported for mobile phone numbers or number which can receive text messages) The WhatsApp number will receive a message with a 6-digit pin code.
VOICE and SMS are the only types of registration available for WhatsApp API. The phone number must be able to receive a call or sms from an international number. There is no workaround for this. For more information please see the Official WhatsApp Documentation.

Solution 1 - Registration number whitelist/redirect

We will provide you with two sender IDs (usually US +1 or UK +44 numbers). The registration call will arrive on one of these sender IDs. You must use this information to create a whitelist or redirect for those numbers — so that once the call comes in, it is redirected to an employee or mailbox or receiver where the registration code will be captured.
To get your IVR sender IDs you must Contact Support > Request IVR Numbers.

Solution 2 - Temporarily disable IVR

We can give a 15-minute time window during which the registration call will be triggered. If you or your client have the option to temporarily disable the IVR system, then the registration call can be received directly on the WhatsApp number provided.