Partner change or migration (between 360dialog Partners)
You can move your WhatsApp API enabled number or WhatsApp Business Account to an alternate 360dialog software provider.
If a WhatsApp Business Account is connected to a specific partner but needs to be moved to another partner, you can request a number migration using the form below.
After the form is sent, please allow us up to 7 days to complete the request accordingly. If a contract or agreement is being finalized with the previous partner, please keep this time in mind.
After the form is sent, we will:
    Contact the business to confirm the migration
    Inform the previous partner that the WABA will be moved
    Contact the new partner to confirm that they will accept the WABA
Only after we receive confirmation from these 3 parties we will complete the migration.


After the migration it will be necessary for you to generate a new API key and provide it to your new partner. When a new API key is generated, the old one will be revoked.

Partner Change Request Form

Last modified 4mo ago