Moving from 'On-Premise' to the 360 Dialog hosted solution

This document explains the process for former on-premise Third Party Providers (TPPs) moving to an API hosted setup.

Why do we need to move to a 360Dialog hosted solution? Due to the recent WhatsApp Policy updates, we do not offer any on-premise activities anymore for TPPs as they are not compliant with the new WhatsApp terms.

Can we test the 360 Dialog API first? Yes, we encourage you to use our Sandbox for testing purposes. No setup or activation is required for a Sandbox account, you can get testing immediately.

How does the Submission process work? We have created a new account submission process for you. The client submission form is short and should only take a few mins for a client to complete.

What happens after the account is submitted? The client must accept the "Messaging On Behalf" request in their FB Business Manager Account. The client must also upload documents to verify the business with Facebook. At this point, 360 Dialog will submit the WA number + display name.

Do we need to setup a WA instance? No. When the WA account and display name have been reviewed and verified, we will initialize the WhatsApp Business API Client solution which runs on a single Docker container which we host. All servers are managed and maintained by the 360 Dialog infrastructure team.

How does a client register the number? We will send clienta a link via email which you can use to register the WA number by receiving a 6 digit PIN code via Phone Call or SMS. When a number has been successfully registered, we finish the technical setup. If you you specific technical questions in regards to the system architecture, please email and a member of our tech team will get back to you.

How can a client access the WA Gateway? We will provide an API key ( D360-API-KEY) which must be used for authorization to access the instance. For now, we will send the API key directly to the client. Soon, clients will be able to log into our Hub and retrieve the key. At present, there is 1 API key per WABA.

How can I set the webhook? A Webhook must be set to determine to which endpoint we should forward the Notifications. See the webhook doc for instructions on how to set it.

How can a client set their profile info? Once the setup has been complete, a client can set their own profile info using the following endpoints: /v1/settings/business/profile /v1/settings/profile/about /v1/settings/profile/photo

What happens to existing On-Premise accounts? You will need to migrate these accounts to our hosted solution. The deadline for this migration is August 6th. Please reach out to for details.